About Us

AbhatiLand is a property development that has solid commitment in real estate development. Our project range from landed house, residential, hotel, and recreational park around Purwakarta and Cirebon (West Java, Indonesia). 

Our Business Strategy

AbhatiLand continues to be committed to always developing the business in it, therefore, until now we are moving with 3 business strategies and will always develop in the future.
  • Landed House

    For us housing is fundamental and important in the pulse of human life, AbhatiLand wants to be a part of creating harmonization in your family. For the time being we have 2 landed house projects located in Bungursari Lakeview (Purwakarta) and Verona Hills (Cirebon)

  • Hotel & Office

    Service is a part of our DNA that we cannot separate. AbhatiLand always strives to provide comfort and convenience in every project it undertakes. With Hotels and Offices, we try to make this strategic business a vehicle for us to always provide the best for our customers. For now we have Hotel Harper Purwakarta (Purwakarta) as our hotelier project

  • Activity & Recreational Park

    For us balance is the main thing, AbhatiLand tries to balance your busy activities and take a short break to relax a bit. currently we have a lake recreation park project called Bungursari Lake Park which is located in Purwakarta which can be a tourist spot, culinary tourism, events, and sports

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